WhatsApp Warmer Pro养号软件

Whatsapp go Warmer v2

WhatsApp Warmer Pro 功能 Features 

✅全球第一个自动对话养号工具 The world’s first automatic dialogue support tool

✅可多个账号进行对话养号 Can chat with multiple accounts

✅养号后可以减低中封号的几率 Reduce BAN as much as possible after raising an account

@下载及打开软件 Download & Open Software@

Whatsapp go Warmer v2
Whatsapp go Warmer v2

1. 在下载好的文件点击滑鼠右键

Right click on file after download

2. 选择WinRAR加压软件(如没有的话需要在网上下载)

Choose WinRAR (If not install must download on Google)

3. 选择Extract Here

Choose Extract Here

4. 解压后会看到多了一个名为Whatsapp Warmer Pro的文件夹

After extract will see Whatsapp Warmer Pro Folder

5. 打开软件文件夹,然后双击打开软件

Open folder, choose & double click Software

6. 打开后会看到一组机器码,交给负责人注册软件

When open software will see Hardware ID, copy to seller to active software

@制作文稿 Create The Script@

WhatsApp marketing software
WhatsApp marketing software

1. 点击滑鼠右键选择 New 选项

Right on mouse and choose New option

2. 选择 Text Document 创建一个文稿

Choose Text Document create a script file

3. 准备并保存文稿文件

Prepare and save the script file


The content of the script can be referenced and taken from the following websites


@导入文稿 Import The Script@

Whatsapp Super Filter tool
Whatsapp Super Filter tool

1. 点击 Messages

Click Message

2. 点击 Import Text File

Click Import Text File

3. 选择文稿文件

Choose your script file

4. 点击 Open 将文稿导入软件

Click Open import script to software

@登录账号 Login Account@

WhatsApp filter
WhatsApp filter

1. 点击 WhatsApp Account

Click WhatsApp Account

2. 点击 Add Account

Click Add Account

3. 输入帐号名称然后点击 OK

Enter account name, then click OK

4. 用电话账号扫描二维码登录账号

Use phone version WhatsApp scan QR code login account


P/S: Repeat steps 2~4 to add more accounts

@开始启动文稿 Starting The Script@

WhatsApp Warmer Pro
WhatsApp Warmer Pro

1. 点击Dashboard

Click Dashboard

2. 设定相隔时间,建议设定为10至15秒之间(可以是定更久的时间)

Set the interval, it is recommended to set it between 10 and 15 second (It can be a longer time)

3. 点击Start开始启动文稿对谈

Click Start to starting the script conversation

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